Travel Tryout Registration  2022-23 Season

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The tryout schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, May 3 – 2015 – 2013 GIRLS – @ Lams Field 1 – 5:15-6:30        (4:45 arrival)

Tuesday, May 3 – 2015 – 2013 BOYS – @ Lams Field 1 – 6:45-8:00         (6:00 arrival)


Wednesday, May 4 – 2012 & 2011 GIRLS – @ Lams Field 3 – 5:15-6:30       (4:45 arrival)

Wednesday, May 4 – 2012 & 2011 BOYS – @ Lams Field 3 – 6:45-8:00       (6:00 arrival)


Thursday, May 5 – 2010 – 2009 GIRLS – @ Lams Field 1 – 5:15-6:30        (4:45 arrival)

Thursday, May 5 – 2010 – 2009 BOYS – @ Lams Field 2 – 5:15-6:30        (4:45 arrival)

Thursday, May 5 – 2008 – BOYS – @ Lams Field 2 – 6:45-8:00                 (6:00 arrival)


Boys and Girls 2004, 2005, 2006 and Girls 2008:  A tryout date will be determined by number of registrants.  Please register and we will contact you with more tryout information.  

Any questions about registration, please contact Peter Koop,

What is Travel Soccer in LYSC?

We understand that there may be a lot of misconceptions concerning exactly what “Travel Soccer” is  and what it involves on the part of the player and the parents. We hope the information contained below helps to clear up some of the misconceptions and perhaps opens a door to new adventures and opportunities for your child in the world of soccer.
There are typically three levels of youth soccer in this region. Recreational is the lowest level of  competition and there are no tryouts and selections for team spots. Generally speaking all  recreational teams are made up of players from the same school district. Travel is the next level up  and is made up of players who come from the recreational level and tryout for a spot on the team.  Travel teams are mostly made up of players from the same school but many times could have up to 1/3  of their players from outside the school area. The final level of club team play is the Premier  level which is a highly competitive level made up of players from a fairly large geographical area.

LYSC Travel Team Tryouts:

Travel Tryout Online Registration OPEN for the 2022/23 season. 

Lititz Youth Soccer Club is committed to having our players play at the highest level of soccer the players are capable.  LYSC Travel Teams are one way the Club promotes this. The following provides an overview of the Travel Tryouts.  It is the goal of the Travel Team tryouts to pick the best players for LYSC’s Travel Teams. LYSC is interested in serious soccer players who are dedicated to the sport and committed to excellence. Travel Team tryouts are held once a year in the spring.  The “annual” soccer season runs from August through the following July and is compromised by one fall season and one spring season.

Good luck in your quest to become a better soccer player and best wishes for a successful tryout! Please read over the following information regarding the club’s tryout process. We look forward to meeting you at the Travel Team Tryouts.

  • Please register online. This also helps us make sure players attend the correct tryouts. 
  • Players that have not registered in advance must complete a Travel Team Tryout Registration Form PDF for each when they arrive.
  • 3-5 evaluators will evaluate the players. The evaluators have been carefully selected based on their  coaching knowledge and soccer experience. The evaluators’ assessment of players is solely used for player selection.
  • It is the goal of LYSC to notify the participants of tryout results within 7 days of the age groups last tryout date.
  • Corresponding ranges of birth dates for each level are listed in the tryout schedule.
  • All Players need to bring a ball and water
  • Players should arrive 30 minutes early to check in.
  • Independent evaluators and coaches will be used in the evaluation process.

Please direct any question to Andy Fries,

The Tryout Process

We would like to thank you for your interest in the Lititz Youth Soccer Club travel team tryouts. Our selection process is designed to ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to be selected for a higher level team.

Tryouts occur in the spring (May) for the 2022-2023 seasons. The results of the tryouts will determine the travel teams for the following fall, winter, and spring seasons.

The Tryout Assessment

  • Players are assessed on ball control and dribbling skills
  • Accuracy of passing at different ranges
  • Off the ball movement and work
  • Defensive skills
  • Shooting
  • Teamwork
  • Coachability

Players should practice at home to increase their chances of success at tryouts.

Team Selection Process

Teams will be formed for each age group as determined by the number of qualified players available. Teams will be chosen based on skill level, fitness, and intangibles like effort and positive attitude. There is no guarantee that a second or third team will be formed. If multiple teams are formed for an age category, the travel selection committee will determine the best team format (equal strength v. graded teams.)

Player selection will be determined through a combination of tryout results and coach recommendations. Accepted players will be notified as soon as possible after the end of tryouts. Please remember that having previously played for a team does not guarantee a spot on a team for the next season.

Tryout Policies

Lititz Youth Soccer Club Play Up Policy
We believe players U9 to U12 develop better at their age appropriate level than at an age level above. The club recognizes that some talented players may be ready to be considered for the next age level within the club’s competitive team structure. Players between the U12 and U16 age group are required to attend the first tryout within their respective age group. Players between the U12 and U16 age group attempting to “play up” may attend the second tryout with the subsequent age group. U17 and U18 players will attend tryouts as a combined group, but will be separated in post evaluations to determine roster placements.

Typical Questions about LYSC Travel Soccer

Does it involve a lot of travel as its name indicates?

Not really. The teams usually play in  the LANCO League or CPYSL “Harrisburg” which in many cases are the same clubs that participate in the recreational league.  The difference sometimes is that the Travel teams do attend more tournaments which can equate to  more travel at times on weekends. More info about tournaments below.

Is the competition level a lot higher then recreational soccer and will my child fit in?

Yes,  the competition within the team and the teams they play against will have a higher challenge in  regard to the level of skill and proficiency both individually and as a team. It is the coaches job  to properly prepare his/her players for that level of competition. Like all sports at all levels,  sometimes the competition will be higher and sometimes lower than your own team. The tryouts are  designed to select the players who the evaluators believe can play at a travel level.

What is the over time commitment?

  • Training is typically twice a week for 1.5 to 2 hours per session,
  • League games are once a week on the weekends,
  • There are two seasons, spring and fall and each are about 10 to 12 weeks long,
  • While up to each team, most teams will play two or three tournament per season and a winter indoor season “optional.”

Do we need to commit to both the spring and fall season?

Yes, you need to commit  to both spring and fall seasons. However, usually at the younger age levels the non-dominant spring season there can be latitude on the coaches part to allow limited participation. For example the  coach may only ask that the player makes one practice a week in the spring and may reduce the number  of tournaments. Best thing here is to ask the coach at the tryouts when he meets with the parents  and before you make your commitment to the team.

How many tournaments and how far is the travel?

Usually 2 to 3 tournaments per season. Which tournament they attend is up to the club and the coach respectively. Most tournaments are within Lancaster and surrounding counties, but some are out of state.

What is the typical cost for a year?

That can vary based on how much a team plays in tournaments, but let’s assume two tournaments in the fall and one is in the spring with one of the tournaments being the Lititz Summer Showcase in July:

  • Registration costs for the year long travel season which includes competition in the fall and spring are as follows:
    7v7 (U9/U10) is $250
    9v9 (U11/U12) is $275
    11v11 (U13 and above) is $300
    (1) Season is $190
  • Uniform kit is around $90-$100.
  • Tournament costs per player will be $30 to $40 per tournament,
  • In addition you may need food and lodging costs if your team goes to a tournament that  would require an overnight stay, and

First year total cost would range between $400 and $500. The club does give travel teams a tournament “stipend” each season to cover the cost of approximately one tournament, and many teams do fundraisers to cover some of these costs.

Is there an emphasis on winning as a first priority. What is the philosophy?

LYSC works to  select and educate their coaches to understand while winning can be a goal; it cannot be the first or only goal. Other things like player development, safety, integrity, and sportsmanship must come first. So while there is a higher emphasis on winning, it cannot come at the expense of the areas mentioned above that must take a higher priority.

Are the coaches experienced and knowledgeable?

All LYSC travel team head coaches have a coaching license in order to coach at the travel team level. In addition most also have many years of coaching experience as assistant and head coaches.

What age teams do we have Travel Level in?

We start at U9 and go all the way up to U19.  We also allow U9 players to tryout for the U10 teams.

How much does it cost to tryout?

There is no cost to participate in tryouts.

If I tryout and do not make it, can we still play recreational?

Absolutely. We do not assemble the recreational teams until the travel teams players have all been selected and placed on teams.

What are some of the benefits of playing Travel soccer rather than Recreational soccer?

The main advantage is individual player development which is critical to your child’s continued growth within the sport and will better allow them to continue to participate at the many levels of soccer starting with intramural and going through college and even onto the pros. In addition, by playing at a higher level, it helps to build self-confidence and a high level of self esteem by challenging them to constantly reach for higher goals. If they are not challenged they will become complacent and bored.

What if I have questions specific to my individual case and need more answers?

Contact one of the following people for more answers:
Andy Fries, President –
Matt Krick, VP –