Volunteers: Registrar is Needed

Dear club members and volunteers,
LYSC is currently looking for a person with some time to commit to taking over the position of Registrar.

Description of duties:

·Coordinate all player registrations with LYSC (Fall and Spring)
·Initiate registration sessions with Group Net Solutions.
·Distribute registration flyers to WSD and ask that they be emailed out to all elementary school parents.
·Enter all manual paper registrations into GNS system.
·Notify LYSC board or volunteers on player registration issues.
·Redirect questions to appropriate age group coordinator or gender directors.
·Maintain a database of all currently registered players as well as past players.
·May be asked to mass email current season players to notify of important announcements, ex. Field closings, change of meeting time or venues or general announcements.
·Coordinate resolution of incomplete registrations.
·Attend monthly board meetings as needed.
·Computer knowledge in various Microsoft applications. Good communication skills.
·Passionate about Lititz Youth Soccer Club and dedicated to improving club practices.
·Well organized and knowledgeable in club policies and fees. (Registration fees, refund policy, etc.)

If interested, please contact registrar@lysc.org

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