Spring 2020 Season Refund

Dear LYSC Community,

The Board is writing to announce and explain the refund policy considering the COVID-19 situation.  The virus has brought many challenges into our homes and communities in ways unprecedented in any of our lifetimes.  This is no less true with respect to LYSC.  Because of the unique challenges posed by the situation, we have elected to depart from the refund policy noted on the LYSC website.  That policy was enacted to address individual circumstances and not a wholesale cancellation of a season as we now face.

The club will refund 75% of the registration fee for all players in the intramural (u6/u8) and recreational (u10 and above) programs.  The club will also refund 75% of the registration fees for travel players who participated on teams that did not compete or train this travel season because of school ball commitments.  Those travel teams that trained or competed in any competition in the fall, winter, or early spring will not receive any refund.

We recognize that this is an extremely stressful time for some.  Many are facing economic hardship because of COVID-19 related work stoppages.  We assure you that the Board is sensitive to these realities.  The Board’s preference would be to give a 100% refund.  However, the club has significant costs irrespective of whether we currently field teams.  For example, we need to maintain our fields to ensure they are in appropriate playing condition when we can resume soccer activities.  Indeed, between the end of the fall 2019 season and early March 2020 the club spent nearly $20,000 aerating, over-seeding, and applying chemicals to the fields we maintain.  Additional chemical applications will be needed, and routine mowing continues.  The club also has numerous other administrative costs that are not direct soccer expenses, like insurance and accounting services. 

Like many in the community, LYSC also faces a significant unplanned reduction in revenue.  In addition to this season, the club may lose revenue if we are forced to cancel the Lititz Summer Showcase, the tournament the club traditionally host at the end of July.  This tournament is LYSC’s single largest annual fundraising event.  The loss of the revenue from this event, coupled with the loss of 75% of the registration fees from the spring season will create significant financial difficulty for LYSC.  The potential additional loss of the registration revenue if the fall 2020 season is cancelled will create a genuine financial crisis.  As part of the club’s commitment to make playing soccer affordable, LYSC typically runs at or slightly above the break-even point.  The club simply does not have the resources to absorb the cancellation of two seasons and the Lititz Summer Showcase.

It is with this background in mind that the Board has decided to not give a full refund for the spring season.  We do so reluctantly, and only in the interest of maintaining our continuity of operations during one of the biggest crises in modern times.  We ask for your understanding and support in these unprecedented times.    Registration fee refunds will be processed electronically over the next few weeks.  Please exercise patience and grace as our volunteer staff processes the numerous individual refunds.

If you prefer to waive your refund and donate the full registration fee, please let us know.

Please contact LYSC President, Ben Yerger, at President@LYSC.org with any questions about the refund policy.

Best regards,

LYSC Board

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