Open Letter from the LYSC President

May 5, 2015

This is an open letter to LYSC’s Elite98 and to everyone that attended EPYSA’s NCS State Cup U16B semi-final match this past Sunday at Forney.

First, thanks to the Elite98 players and coaches for an entertaining and well played match! The result didn’t go our way but the effort, the competitive spirit and sportsmanship. It was a great, spirited match between two deserving teams. Your season and efforts are not defined by one match. You should be proud of your accomplishments; especially the ones that got you to that semi-final match!

Secondly, thanks to all the LYSC supporters that came out! What a large and supportive crowd – parents, players and families responded to the posts about the match and came out in support!

It’s great to see our soccer community support each other and Sunday was another perfect example!


Bob Kelly

President – Lititz Youth Soccer Club

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