Dear LYSC Community,

The Board is writing to provide you with an update regarding the spring season.  The Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA), the sanctioning organization for our club, has issued additional guidance.  EPYSA has suspended all sanctioned soccer activities through Sunday, April 5.  The EPYSA statement can be accessed here: March 15 EPYSA COVID-19 Advisory.  Put simply, no soccer activities of any sort may take place prior to Monday, April 6.  This includes informal kick arounds, practices, scrimmages, games, conditioning sessions, and any other group activities involving LYSC players and coaches or LYSC facilities.  This prohibition is mandatory.  As the situation is developing, we advise you to consider this prohibition as lasting to at least April 6 with the possibility of it being extended.

As indicated by EPYSA in the advisory, “this is not a time to be concerned about soccer, this is a public health crisis.”  The Board will provide you with additional updates and information as circumstances warrant.

Best regards,

LYSC Board

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