Cyber Monday-Registration

Parents and Players,

Thank you for such a successful registration so far.  Our site has been opened since November 1 and we have gotten terrific response for the Spring Season 2017.

If you register by Midnight, November 30 2016, you will receive a $16 discount on spring registration fees per player.  This special promo is for the month of November ONLY.

This Discount is as follows:

For those who choose 0 Boxes of Candy, you will receive a $16 Discount

ex. U6 $65 – $16= $49

ex. U8-U19 $85 – $16= $69

For those who choose 1 Box of Candy, you will receive a $16 Discount

ex, U6 $65 -$16 -$16(candy)= $33

ex. U8-19 $85- $16 -$16(candy)= $53

2 Boxes of Candy = $0 Discount

(you already are getting the max discount by selling candy boxes)

For all families that have already registered or will be registering to get this discount and using credit cards, we will be working on crediting $16 back to your credit cards in December.  For those families that are paying by check, please see above to see what applies to you.  Again, if you have chosen the 2 Boxes of Candy, this discount will not apply.

Happy Holidays from the LYSC Board

Boys Travel Roster Spots Available

The following age groups are looking for players to fill out a few roster spots. Any player age eligible that wants to be consider should email Director of boys soccer at
2005 boys 12U
2006 boys 11U
LYSC will be holding a tryout for a boys 10U (2007 and younger)travel team for the spring season on December 11th.
When: Tryout will begin at 2pm
Where: LAMS
Question please email