Nominations for 2017 Board of Directors

The LYSC board will be taking nominations for the 2017 board of directors. Any club member (any LYSC coach or parent of an LYSC player) is eligible for board membership. Nominations will be completed during the November 3 club meeting (7:30 at the Warwick Township building), with elections to be held at the December 1 club meeting. Contact any LYSC board member with questions.

This Weekend is Silent Weekend


One game every season the LBYSA and LAGS designates as a silent game. What this basically means is that no instruction is to be given to the players from the coaches or the fans.

Although the term “silent” is used to recognize the day, the fans do not have to be “silent.” Parents are still encouraged to cheer for the players when they make a good play or score a goal. The “silent” pertains to the coaches giving instructions to the players, AND to all the “sideline coaches” who like to coach or give instructions to the kids from the parents’ side of the field.

The silent game gives the coaches an opportunity to evaluate the kids on how well they do without any instruction, while allowing the players to see first hand the importance of talking to each other on the field.

Update on Pictures

To all Families, Coaches/ Teams:

We hope the Fall Soccer Season has started off well for you. We are writing to provide you an update regarding team photographs for the Fall 2016 season. The Board has decided to eliminate Picture Day for the Fall 2016 season. We know many of you experienced poor customer service and other adverse issues with TSS in the Spring. As a consequence, we have decided to end our relationship with that company. We have attempted to identify an appropriate alternative photography company, but we have concluded that in order to “do it right and be successful,” we will hold off for Spring 2017 Season.

Our efforts to identify a replacement photography company have been impeded by a vacancy in the position of photography coordinator within the club and insufficient capacity among those already serving the club in other capacities to fill the void. We have been working to find a volunteer to help us out in this position and have been unsuccessful. So if this is of interest to you, we would appreciate your willingness to take on this job and get Picture Day back for Spring and seasons to come.

Thank you.

Amy Piehl, Registrar